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1. Download the "zip" file.
2. Locate the downloaded "zip" file on computer.
3. Open/Extract this "zip" file, now open/extract next "zip" file.
4. You will see the "crx" extension file - extract it from "zip" file.
5. Click on the settings icon on the browser toolbar.
6. Select Tools > Extensions.
7. Drag and Drop extracted "crx" extension file to extension page of Google Chrome.
8. Review the list of permissions in the dialog that appears. If you would like to proceed, click Install.

FLV, MP4, MP4 HD 720p, MP4 Full-HD 1080p, MP4 (4K), M4A, MP3.
Try THIS link for 2K videos

Czech, Deutsch, English, Spanish, Slovak, Italian, Polish, Russian, Croatian, French, Arabic, Hungarian.

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